May 29, 2014

Catch the Moment 365: Week 21

 136/365: A dark, rainy morning gave way to a bright, sunny afternoon, so we ran outside for a quick trip downtown to pick up race packets and ice cream.

 137/365: My ballerina in mid-flight.

138/365: Ready to rock our first race!

139/365: Last week this boy walked down the front steps without help for the first he does it like it's no big deal (and in floor length beads).

140/365: Always up for a pink cake pop.

141/365: Two helpers cleaning up after we made cookies for preschool graduation.

142/365: Our preschool graduate. So happy and proud!

As always, thank you to our hosts: Simply Stavish, Nurse Loves Farmer, and 


  1. Jumping in the tutu, and the last pic are just so awesome!! Lovely pics! :D

  2. Day 142 is my favorite! She looks so happy!

  3. That ballerina shot is amazing! Perfect timing :)
    walking down the stairs all by himself is pretty amazing too - - am so happy you captured that one!