June 6, 2014

Catch the Moment 365: Week 23

This week was our first full week of summer, a week we left unplanned deliberately. The swirl of end of year activities caught up with our "real kindergartener," who slept in for a record four straight days after preschool ended. I've aimed to do something fun every day this summer, and so far that something has ranged from going to the zoo to getting a cake pop at the grocery store. 

I've also deliberately left my camera behind more than once this week, an odd choice for  someone participating in a photo a day challenge. A has asked me more than once why I take so many pictures, and while she hasn't asked me to stop taking pictures it has given me pause. Is it better to be more present and put the camera down more often? I think it is, and I've managed enough iPod snaps to keep me from missing a day for this project. We can make memories without a big, beautiful photo of everything we do...and I still carry my "real" camera around even if I'm not pulling it out of my bag everywhere we go. 

How do you balance your own desire to take pictures and your kids' preferences?

150/365: Kicking off summer vacation with a trip to the zoo.

 151/365: D loves his farmers market egg sandwich very, very much. 
Can you spot A dancing and twirling in the background?

 152/365: We went to a fun blogging event at a kids' clothing store with a manager who draws amazing caricatures...he drew A as Belle and she was thrilled.

153/365: A walk in the forest after D's last music class...I told them they looked like Hansel and Gretel and then they got in a fight over who would be Hansel and who would be Gretel.

154/365: We picked eight pounds of strawberries at our favorite pick-your-own farm...then came home and made three batches of jam!

155/365: I'm glad I took a quick picture of these two enjoying a treat at the grocery store because I think this was the last brother-sister ride in the car cart...they're too big to fit in there together!

156/365: First splash of the summer at the play fountain...
A is a rainbow suited blur in the background!

As always, thank you to our hosts: Simply Stavish, Nurse Loves Farmer, and 


  1. Looks like a fun, busy week. My kids don't usually say anything about the camera but when they turn away, 99% of the time I just find something else to take a picture of. Other times, if I just REALLY wanted to get their picture right then and right there, I bribe them. haha! Seems to work for us so far...

  2. First splash of the summer - looks like it was a lot of fun!

  3. Fun!! I love the zoo carousel shot!! And the strawberries and playing in the fountain too. We'll be picking strawberries soon here too. We have a date set with some friends of ours. :)

    I have been only taking pics with my phone lately, because it's been way too easy to just snag them off of google plus, where they all save to, and then stick them on my blog. it's such a fluid process, that i am hesitant to ever deal with the extra steps that come with my "real" camera. But maybe this week I'll bust it out again. Also, I definitely missed some cool shots because I was trying to just stay present with my kiddo. I mean, the great shots are sooo lovely to have, but I think it's even more important to just put down the camera and purely connect with them without worrying about projects of any kind, too. It's a balance, for sure!